Is budget-friendly flooring available?

Is budget-friendly flooring available?

Yes, and you never have to sacrifice style for savings. There are so many "me too" products it's easy to find something to suit every budget. Here, though, are our favorites for budget-friendly new floors.

Luxury vinyl: The affordable, stylish workhorse

Luxury vinyl has it all! It has richness and texture like more expensive floorings without maxing your budget.

This is all thanks to modern technology. Machines imitate what’s usually done by hand,
Luxury vinyl offers true-to-life, nature-inspired images of wood, stone, and tile, taken digitally.

The photos are clear, accurate, and vibrant. You'll see knots, grains, veining variations, and more.

Adding to realism, the material is cut into long planks or square, tile-sized pieces. It's also durable, waterproof, low maintenance, and has an uncomplicated installation.

Visit our flooring store, where you’ll see gems like Adura Flex Tile by Mannington or Wood Fundamentals by Pergo Extreme.

Laminate Wood Flooring

This has long been considered an affordable, attractive alternative to genuine wood. As time goes by, it only gets better with improved graphics and seaming.

It, too, has embossing. In addition, there are textured looks such as brushed, hand-scraped, distressed, and embossed-in-register (EIR).

EIR refers to little indentations being made to exactly match those of the image. It may be the most realistic yet.

Laminate has a firm feeling underfoot, like a hard surface. Stone looks are currently flying out our flooring company door, also.

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