The luxury of having carpet in your home

The simple truth is, nothing is as soft underfoot as carpet flooring, but that’s certainly not the only benefit making it worthy of installation in your home. You’ll also find this flooring has a truly inviting appeal and can help with heat retention, noise reduction, and many manufacturers even offer built-in benefits you’ll have to experience to appreciate. What’s more, with the color and style variations you’ll have access to, you can match any decor style with ease. Ralph's Floors have been providing flooring services for more than 50 years, offering a wide variety of floor coverings and assistance that are truly beneficial to homeowners. We cater to every budget range with high-quality products, services, and warranties that we’d love to show you in person. Feel free to stop by our showroom in Lynden, WA at your convenience. From there, we serve the communities of Lynden, Bellingham, Blaine, Everson, Sumas, and Ferndale, and we’d love the opportunity to help you with your flooring needs as well.

What you’ll get with carpet

As we mentioned already, the softness you get in carpet is hard to beat. However, a comfortable underfoot feel is only the beginning of what is offered. This same inviting softness also creates a much safer place for children’s little hands, feet, and knees. Falls can happen anywhere, and this flooring makes the landing a whole lot safer. It’s also safer if you have elderly persons in your home as well, and for the same reasons.

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Save on energy, maximize on style

Carpet offers excellent heat retention, even on the coldest days. With carpet, and the underpadding installed beneath it, acting as extra layers of insulation, you’ll find your home stays warmer longer, all while your furnace runs less than before. You won’t lack any level of comfort; however, you will notice a lower energy bill. And any flooring that can help pay for itself is definitely worth a little extra consideration.

If you are looking for a flooring surface that is warm, comforting and quiet, it is hard to beat carpet. Advancements in recent years have resulted in carpeting options that are softer, stronger and more stain-resistant than ever before. Ralph’s Floors has been installing carpet in Whatcom County homes for over 50 years, so you can be confident that we will help you make the right decision and install it with precision. Contact us or request a free carpet quote today!

Carpet accounts for 51% of the total U.S. flooring market. (The Carpet and Rug Institute)

This material has some newer benefits that weren’t available years ago. Take, for example, hypoallergenic fibers. This helps allergy sufferers to finally embrace carpet as their floor covering without the worry that allergens will constantly be dispersed into the air. In fact, it creates a cleaner breathing environment for everyone and not just those who suffer from allergies.

When it comes to installing carpet, make sure you take advantage of our professional installation services. Our installers get the job finished quickly and easily.
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