The great benefit of hardwood floors in your home

The exquisite nature of solid hardwood flooring is a fine addition to any room in your home. Its extensive lifespan means you’ll enjoy the appearance and benefits of this material far longer than many others. Durable and functional, these floors can easily keep pace with your active lifestyle and bring contentment that you’ll appreciate. What’s more, these floors can be refinished after a timespan that would normally have other homeowners searching for new flooring entirely. Be sure to take a few minutes to fully consider this material for your own home.

Ralph's Floors has more than 50 years of experience in the flooring industry. In that time, we have come to offer an extensive line of flooring materials and products and professional services to match. From our Lynden, WA showroom, we’re happy to assist the residents of Lynden, Bellingham, Blaine, Everson, Sumas, and Ferndale with all their flooring needs. We would be thrilled to offer the same to you as well, so stop by at your convenience. One of our qualified flooring specialists will help you find the flooring that meets all your requirements while fitting comfortably into your budget.

Hardwood benefits for you

One of the most highly sought-after characteristics of hardwood flooring is its amazing lifespan. With proper maintenance and regular care, it’s not uncommon for these floors to last 100 years. Some floors seen in historical buildings around the country are even close to or older than 200 years. This length of life actually means you’ll save money over time by installing this floor covering. Even factoring in professional installation costs, you’ll find you spend less over the course of 50 to 60 years than you would with another flooring material with a lesser lifespan. It is hard to find a surface more elegant than hardwood flooring. Hardwood is always in style and adds a beautiful touch to any home. Hardwood is more expensive, but if you take care of it properly it can last a lifetime and it also raises the value of your home. Our team can help you decide which style of hardwood will meet your needs and accentuate your interior. Call or visit us today to get the hardwood you want at the price that can not be beaten! Durability is incredibly important to every homeowner, and you’ll find this one meets that criteria very well. You’ll be able to go about life as usual and never have to worry that you’re going to damage your floors in the process. While certain special care must be taken with these floors, you’ll find they perform very well over time. You’ll be able to make your own choices on such options as wood species, which color stain you prefer, and the finish type. The most important thing to consider in species choice is picking the one that most readily fits your lifestyle. Harder species mean more durability.

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