Moving into a new flooring with tile

Searching for a new floor covering can be a truly exciting time, especially if you’re researching ceramic & porcelain tile. These luxurious products can add great elegance to your home; no matter you have them installed, from simple to highly decorative in nature. Created by kiln firing in some of the hottest temperatures, they are highly durable, incredibly dense, and perform very well under the pressures of everyday life. You’ll find them to have excellent water resistance as well, which makes them a great addition to bathrooms and kitchens.

At Ralph’s Floors, we come to your flooring project with more than 50 years of experience. We offer all the latest materials and trend possibilities, as well as services that will help bring everything together for your own specific requirements. From our showroom in Lynden, WA, we proudly serve the areas of Lynden, Bellingham, Blaine, Everson, Sumas, and Ferndale. We invite you to visit us anytime as well so that we’ll have the opportunity to assist you in your search for the perfect floor covering. We look forward to meeting you.

Tile with style and options

Ceramic & porcelain tile offers an opportunity to bring sophistication and grace into every room of your home. Offering a combination of dense durability and striking good looks, you really will get the best of both worlds. You’ll easily be able to set these products against any decor scheme you have in place. With tiles ranging from simple, neutral, and plain to amazingly complex, just about any look you want can be found in these products. When looking for a clean, crisp look, many people choose tile. It’s easy to clean and maintain while also catering to the budget-conscious. While tile may seem cold to some, installing an in-floor heating system such as Mohawk’s Underfloor electrical heating, can provide the warmth needed. Tile is also resilient, durable, and very earth friendly! Call or visit us today for more information on tile options and styles.

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There were almost 3.05 billion square feet of ceramic tile consumed in the United States in 2017. (Statista)

The hardness of these products makes them hold up to some of the most active traffic levels. In fact, this is one of the reasons ceramic & porcelain tile is often chosen for commercial applications. It is great news to know that you can get the same great performance and functionality for your own home, just as easily as you could get any other floor covering. The life span is nothing to disappoint either, averaging about 40 years or more with proper care and maintenance. Water resistance is a big plus for a lot of homeowners, and you’ll find that in ceramic & porcelain. This makes it a great product for bathrooms, even inside the shower itself. These products stand up to humidity, moisture, dampness, and spills very well, so you can take advantage of it and use it everywhere else in your home as well. We know that spills don’t just happen in the kitchen and bathroom. Now you can have added protection throughout your home.